As we enter the holiday season, we'd like to share with you recent enhancements we made to the look and functionality of the Benni mask.

First, we removed the pentagon line in the front of the mask. The Benni now has a sleek and clean design without any lines except the Benni logo. We did this because applying the pentagon line during production was taking too long and was causing too much wastage, even with our best efforts to make the process more efficient. We wanted to make sure we could deliver the masks expeditiously and that we are doing our part in reducing waste.

Classic Pentagon Design (left) | Updated Minimal Design (right)
Classic Pentagon Design (left) | Updated Minimal Design (right)

Secondly, we have made all ear loops adjustable to accommodate a wider range of face shapes. We were receiving mixed feedback that the ear loops were either just right or slightly off (too tight, too loose). So we added a soft and comfortable adjuster to help you achieve the right fit for your face.

Soft adjustable ear loops

We are constantly making improvements to the mask and the customer experience, and welcome your feedback.

Note on pre-orders: First, thank you so much again for your support and patience. We could not have made this mask without you. For all those who have pre-ordered the Benni mask prior to November 25, 2020, you will receive (or have received) masks with the classic Pentagon design and improved adjustable ear loops.

Those who order on or after November 25, 2020 will receive masks with the updated Minimal design and improved adjustable ear loops.

Happy holidays!