Benni's design means that there are some easy and unique ways to ensure your mask stays clean and fresh.

We recommend letting the mask air out between uses. Not only is this important for drying after you wash your Benni, but this will help prevent it from taking on odors or moisture. Keep it out of closed areas like wardrobes or drawers and instead resting it on a shelf or a hook.

On a shelf or surface

When on a flat surface, your Benni can sit upright, closed along the primary seam, or open with the inside of the mask facing up. Any of these options will help to preserve the nose clip's shape, making it easy to wear next time.

In all cases, avoid balling the mask up or folding it against its natural shape.


Hanging the Benni by its straps will help the mask to air out. Leaving a Benni hanging from Airloops for a long period of time might make the adjustable pebble shift, or place extra stress on the connection between the loop and the mask. Keep an eye out for these changes if you use a hook to store your mask.

We hope this has been helpful in making your mask as comfortable as can be! Check out the other FAQs here.